Binta Sarr
Binta Sarr is the story of women's solidarity that lasts. Binta Sarr is the project manager of the association APROFES, which has become an NGO.

She was the head of the women's section of the "Magg Daan" association in her home district. by holding the position of Regional Head of Hydraulics in the function of public. It is the depth of his feminist commitment that made him choose to continue the associative project rather than remain in the administration.

Thanks to the strength of her leadership, her entourage supports what she undertakes. The young women from the women's section of this organization have created the Association to the Promotion of the Senegalese Women (APROFES) in 1987, after having conducted reflections to set up an autonomous structure formed only by women, to address the challenges of women's economic empowerment and also to promote women's rights. The group has grown until the 2000s where the association has received approval to become an NGO. For the APROFES which works mainly in the area of women's rights, for the promotion of leadership and access of women in decision-making bodies, it is always difficult to find funding.

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