Christiane Agboton Johnson
Pioneer in the fight against small arms proliferation
How did a dental surgeon, who taught at the University of Dakar, come to oppose the proliferation of weapons?

With a mother who was one of the first feminist activists in Benin and who grew up among a sibling group of boys, Christiane Agboton was brought up on equality issues. Very Christiane Agboton was involved in the women's group of her Protestant church and was chosen, because of her fluency in English, to attend a meeting in Ghana, on the issue of arms in the sub-region. In September 1998, it was the first time that it rubbed shoulders as closely with the military.

"It is my faith in God that has kept me in this cause ... I believe that it is God who is the master of life... there is no reason that just because someone has a gun in their hand, they can say I am taking the life of another".

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