Diao Baldé Guèye
President of the association of disabled women
Diao Baldé Gueye has been an accountant at the Gaston Berger University since 2012. She is president of the women's section of the association of disabled people with motor disabilities in Saint-Louis.

Suffering, fighting, triumphing over harsh realities

Diao Baldé Gueye has known what this means since he was very young. Reaching ...at birth, she had to undergo numerous operations during the seven years of her life. first years of his life. Paradoxically, far from discouraging her, these years of suffering have enabled him to forge an iron mind.

"I wanted to succeed, there was no other alternative," she says.

For a person with a disability, the first battle to be fought is often that of access. to education. This is the area his association focuses on.

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