Fatou Samba
President of the Mareyeuses group
Fatou Samba, president of the women processors of fishery products on Khelcom's site in Bargny is committed to fighting against the problems environmental issues that affect its locality.

In the region, many economic and industrial projects negatively affect the population's hygiene. It is the women's associations that have set up as a counterweight to delay the implementation of the coal-fired power plant that threatens the site.

The association brings together more than twelve area presidents, because the transformation site is very extensive and is growing every year. It is an essential activity for families. It is often the main source of income when the fisherman husband is retired. or that there is no young boy to take over. Life is difficult because the fishing seasons are random; fish are scarce. In 2015, when the borders were blocked because of the Ebola virus, she lost all her production and the growth of her business was halted.

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