Hadji Fatou Drame
Chairwoman of women's groups
Hadji Fatou Dramé is a 64 year old grandmother who lives in the village of Lébou of Toubab Dialaw. She is a woman of confidence.

She was a focal point for the hospital, in charge of identifying people in need of a health monitoring: young girls in a state of pregnancy, elderly people suffering from malnutrition... In 2002, the Wade administration named it Badiene Gor, which consists in example to reach out to women of childbearing age to advise them in their follow-up visit, to encourage the vaccination of children. It is a complement for women relay.

As is the case throughout Senegal, Hadji is at the head of a women's association in the village of Toubab Dialaw, which aims to improve their economic condition.

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