Marie Delphine Ndiaye
Fiscal expert
Marie Delphine Ndiaye is a lawyer by training, a tax and commercial expert. She is one of the first to have embraced this profession in the country. She has been Secretary General of the National Order of Experts of Senegal for the past six years. "The first way to impose oneself is competence and rigour".

She comes from a family of nine children of educating parents. Like her brothers and sisters she followed a regular schooling path to university.

In terms of commitment, she was president of the Association of Women Lawyers. (AJS) for seven years. She is currently a member of the Sheikh Anta Diop Foundation which is to support the University of Dakar in order to promote excellence, member of the board of directors of the development agency for marketing social (ADEMAS), which is mainly concerned with family welfare through health and social services. mother and child, member of the national observatory of parity.

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