Ndèye Fatou Touré
"I am deeply feminist first of all, deeply committed to the protection of the rights of vulnerable people. I can't help it. And at the same time I am against injustice. Whenever I am confronted with a flagrant injustice, I am inclined to volunteer to put an end to it, regardless of the gender of the person who is the victim. »

The school has been the driving force behind the success of Ndèye Fatou Touré, born in central Senegal at Kaolack, in 1960, in a teacher's family, "I was a shy girl who could not was just working. During the holidays, I had no other activity than staying at the home and read, listen to music... " Thanks to the assignments of his father, inspector from primary school, she got to know different regions of Senegal at a very young age.

In 79, Ndèye Fatou entered university. "I was passionate about law. Sometimes I even missed lectures for two days to attend criminal trials. And I shuddered at the thought... " >

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