Tiné Ndoye
Agricultural contractor
Tiné Ndoye is a farmer President of the National Network of Rural Women of Senegal (RNFS) and a member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council.

Born in Rufisque, she was educated up to the third grade, at BFEM level. Tiné Ndoye trained as an accountant in Dakar, where she obtained a diploma in accounting. bookkeeper. Then, while she was looking for a job, her father gave her in marriage to his nephew, a farmer in the village of Mbawane, located in the Niayes area.

Like the majority of the women in the village, she would go to the fields of the husband, bring his meal, fetch wood. Its beginnings were difficult but the example of the other women encouraged him.

"I have found women in this village who are braver than me.

But while the means of production were the competence of men, as that polygamous they could not afford the daily expenses sufficiently to all their wives. They were obliged to try to supplement their income.

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