Fatime Faye
Feminist philanthropist
Fatime Faye has been living in the small village of Lebou for the past 15 years and is a fan of freedom. by Toubab Dialaw.

This taste for freedom was born in Gorée where she spent her childhood: running in shorts through the whole island, swim around it, go for hours without his parents knowing about it. exactly where it was. It was village life: everyone knew each other and so was taking a look at each other's children. His move to the continent to s high school, coincided with the feeling of suffering from the loss of this freedom. Since then, she has always questioned the conformism of society, the codes which particularly constrain the woman. Her life as a woman is a reflection of her childhood, chaotic, in this desire to push back the shackles.

As a committed feminist, she brings women together around formative activities that are pretexts to strengthen solidarity between them. His house welcomes them to carry out collective work. The first literacy workshop was held in his garage eight years ago.

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