Halimatou Souaré
Activist for Peace
Halimatou Souaré receives me thoughtfully at the door of his house in Ziguinchor. Aged sixty-nine, she is considered a pioneer of the peace movements in Casamance.

Halimatou Souaré is a mother of eight children who exploited the products of her orchard. At the beginning of the conflict in 1981, she was living between her village Badem and Ziguinchor. Dismayed by the number of corpses to be buried in Ziguinchor and by the absence of her children, whom she imagined dead, she decided to commit herself to peace. One day, on her way home from the village where she had gone to harvest the crops, she met the rebels on the way and held up a sign for peace. Even if it was motivated by a mother's fear for her children, this first citizen and patriot act testifies to the deep humanism that still animates her today. Regardless of the positions of the different parties involved in this conflict, what touches her are the lives sacrificed in fratricidal struggles .

"It is the son who kills the father, it is the father who kills his son," she says.

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