Patricia Gomis
Patricia Gomis has domiciled the association Djarama is located in the bush that still remains in Toubab Dialaw. It is in this place in communion with nature that she has chosen to dedicate to the awakening of youth through culture.

The Djarama association produces theater shows for young audiences while expanding its activity to education, by housing an elementary school.

More than just a space, the Djaramart concession is first and foremost a life choice that actress Patricia Gomis shares with her family and with those who are committed in one way or another to the protection of the environment and the education of children.

"I realized at the age of twenty that I had a choice. From that moment on, it was changed my life. I chose to do theater for children, I chose my husband. I chose my profession because it's not a profession I do to earn money. money, but to fulfill myself as a human being. »

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