Penda Seck Diouf
President of the Committee for Combating Violence against Women.

Penda Seck Diouf is the president of the Committee to Combat Violence Against Women (CLVF) and national president of the peace and security watch platform Etu Jamm.

This development sociologist has long taught communication techniques and has worked as a communications officer in the programmes of awareness raising or capacity building of many NGOs or international organisations.

Already as a child, she was sensitive to the frequent injustices in her school, her neighbourhood, etc. She had a strong sense of the need for justice.

"When I was very young, I witnessed scenes of injustice at school where the children may be victims of violence and violations of their rights ... we cannot be not a month went by without hearing women shouting in their homes to call for help because they are victims of domestic violence".

She also oriented her sociology studies towards documentation techniques. based on gender.

In 1995, Penda Seck Diouf created the Nénuphar association, which fights against drugs among the women, inspired by the experience of a very close neighbour who had dropped out of college. after having been introduced to drugs by older people. She remembers that the reaction of the entourage was to respond with blows to a situation of unknown addiction then. Her association is particularly involved in violence against women. involved in drug-related activities.

"A female user is often marginalised, driven out of her home and left on the street, at the mercy of all forms of violence. It is the only organisation of this kind in Senegal, as this social problem still remains taboo and is generally only treated in a repressive manner". "In general, gender-based violence has as its basis the drugs".

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