Madeleine Devès Senghor

Madeleine Devès Senghor is a worthy daughter of the Senghorian period because she evokes with the same interest her former functions in the Senegalese High Administration and her work as a plastic artist in love with culture, which has accompanied her all her life.

A lawyer with a specialized training in public law, she was part of the first class of of students of the independence, in 1961. This class, which had to replace the colonial civil servants, on leaving, was given responsibility upon leaving the university.

"We were the generation of national construction. We saw ourselves as masons at the foot of a wall and the bricks had to be mounted. »

The difficulties she recounts are those of personal choices that have been influenced by the destiny personified by his father. For the latter opposed that she was make an international career for fear of seeing her daughter go to a violent stranger for a woman.

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